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The Hamburg district court ruled on 12 May, 1998 that homepage owners are liable for the contents of sites to which they have provided links. According to the district court, this can only be prevented if the homepage owner expressly distances himself from these contents. We have placed links to other internet sites on our website. For all these links, we want to expressly point out that we have no influence whatsoever on either design or content of the linked pages. Furthermore, we herewith distance ourselves explicitly from all contents of pages which are linked on our homepage and declare this for all such links on our homepage.


As long as it is possible to pass on personal or business data (email addresses, names, and addresses) within the internet offer, the user passes on any such information expressly on a voluntary basis. As long as technically possible and reasonable, the offered services may be used and paid for even without the submission of such data resp. by anonymously entering data or by using an alias.


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